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@mead_n_cider is now @meadsciders

In the past, we would usually make Tweets of each mead a meadery would produce.
We also would Tweet about events at meaderies.
Meaderies were chose at random. The goal was to Tweet about every mead we could find, before Tweeting again about a meadery.
However, Twitter started suspending our account repeatedly.
Twitter claimed we were spamming.
We had been Tweeting for several years, before this started.
We will now only Tweet 1-3 meads a day and a few events.

We are in the process of updating our list of meaderies. We will improve the directory and information of each meadery. As time permits, we will list each mead produced by a meadery.
Curretly, we're checking over the calendars for out dated events and adding current events.

As for cider, we will have cider information here. As for Twitter, our @USCiders was also getting suspended regulary. This is happening to all our Twitter accounts. At this point, we will be doing the same with our usciders.com.
Meadncider.com will focus on mead worldwide, while usciders.com will focus on ciders worldwide.

Thank you for your patience and support over the years. Other than @winebottledaily, we have quit Tweeting our dozen other wine Twitter accounts and their web sites. Some web sites are being placed for sale, to allow us to devote more time to just these 3 accounts.

A tshirt, with our Bee Logo should be available in a few days. Sales will help support this site and pay for improvements. Also allow for hiring an outside web page designer. I don't know how many web page designers we have gone through over the years. They seem to be like home repair people. Good luck, just getting one to show up. Then find one who actually can do the work.
Wine Box Tables by Yexley of England
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